Kettlewell and CMB-Solent both believe that every woman will look great and feel fabulous if they wear colours that suit them.


Kettlewell have developed a range of beautiful clothes in an unparalleled choice of colours, and to suit every woman's shape, size and personal style.


The Kettlewell Collection is not available on the high street, and is available in an unparalleled range of colours and fabulous quality.


The fabulous new season collection is now available at CMB-Solent, and introduces more beautiful jersey fabrics for easy layering of tops and bottoms, camisoles and wraps, in glorious, co-ordinating colours & textures.


Kettlewell offers you a versatile, hard-working wardrobe & effortless style.


Colours that work for you! Everyone can wear colour, and when you've had your Colour or Style Consultation at CMB-Solent, you'll be ready to inject some colour into your wardrobe.


The secret to colour success is choosing the right shades and tones - the colours that flatter your complexion, light up your face and reflect your personality, and ensuring you look and feel fantastic!


After your Consultation at CMB-Solent, why not treat yourself to something in one of your personal WOW colours. We stock a wide selection of sizes, colours and styles. You'll be able to try things on without the pressure of a busy changing room and find the right styles, shapes and colours for you... and of course Lesley will be on hand to guide you in the right direction and make sure you're investing in something PERFECT for you!


To book a time to visit the CMB-Solent Studio, please call Lesley on 0789 4444 614