MORe Rewards Membership

Let's get serious about this!! MORe Rewards Membership offers you MORe for Less!!! It's that simple!



There is an annual fee for the year - and you will receive (Standard Level):

  • 10% off all Skincare & Makeup for the year
  • 10% off all Consultations, & Events (online, face to face or gift vouchers)
  • PLUS - an annual catchup call - this can be used by you to work on a specific challenge, for a refresh or you can donate it to a friend that might want a bit of MORe Magic :) the choice is yours!

And the cost??? Well let me let you into a little secret - anyone buying into the programme before the end of JUNE 2020 will receive this for the rest of the year for only £15!!! This programme will normally be charged at £47 for the year - but as an introductory offer this will be £15 from June to the end of 2020!!!! 


The MORe you use your discount code the MORe you benefit!!! 


Simple right??


To purchase your MORe Reward Membership Package - simply order below!



10% discount on Skincare & Makeup

10% discount on Consultations, events & gift vouchers

1x Annual Catchup call

Join MORe Rewards

Join MORe Rewards in June 2020 for the introductory cost of £15 until the end of 2020!

Membership until the end of 2020


  • Available

MORe Rewards PLUS

Details to follow!


Details to follow!