Introducing CMB@Home

A New Approach...

Workshops & 121's

Get your friends together an book a free makeup party. We recommend groups of around 4-6 people.


We'll show you the makeup colours that really make you look fabulous.

Order Cosmetics

Our cosmetics are all Cruelty Free, Lead Free, Paraben Free, many of our products are now Vegan Friendly - and 90% are made in Britain to our very exacting standard.

Make sure you're putting the best products onto your skin every day!

Interested in finding out more?


I'd love to chat to you about all the possibilities with this new business opportunity, so why not get in touch? 


VISIT my personal CMB@home website at this site you can order all the CMB makeup range, plus watch videos about the opportunity or join up directly as a member of my fantastic Confidence Collective team!


If you would like to arrange a colour assessment event, a one to one or you'd like to hear more about the business opportunity, just drop me an email and we can chat over the phone, host a Zoom video conference or get together for a coffee and a chat.


The choice is yours and the opportunities are endless!!