Beauty · 23 April 2019
We all want more time on a morning whilst we're juggling kids, life, school run or the work commute. But that first cup of coffee is critical - well its the same for your skin too! Let's start the day with great foundations - My fool proof guide to how to start the day.... and YES IT'S SIMPLE!

Beauty · 27 November 2018
We are often bamboozled by cosmetics and skin care, so in this first of our series of blogs on our fantastic Vegan, Organic and Cruelty free Skincare will make it simple for your to have great skincare and understand why it matters. Today we start with our brand new (and gorgeous) Colour Me Beautiful Illuminating Facial Serum.... so what is a facial Serum anyway??? Lesley Wrankmore, Colour Style Image, Fareham , Hampshire

Beauty · 17 April 2018
Is your makeup bag ready for a shake-up? Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about giving your makeup bag a good clear out - figuring out which products really work hard for you and those that are way past their expiry date. Read on to find out more...

Beauty · 15 December 2017
Why not start your year by learning simple and effective steps for effortless makeup. Booking now

Beauty · 06 December 2017
So all cosmetics are the same - just different colours, they are probably all made in the same factories afterall and shipped in from China?? Right? WRONG!!! NOOOOOO - let's find out.