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Beauty · 23 April 2019
We all want more time on a morning whilst we're juggling kids, life, school run or the work commute. But that first cup of coffee is critical - well its the same for your skin too! Let's start the day with great foundations - My fool proof guide to how to start the day.... and YES IT'S SIMPLE!

Beauty · 27 November 2018
We are often bamboozled by cosmetics and skin care, so in this first of our series of blogs on our fantastic Vegan, Organic and Cruelty free Skincare will make it simple for your to have great skincare and understand why it matters. Today we start with our brand new (and gorgeous) Colour Me Beautiful Illuminating Facial Serum.... so what is a facial Serum anyway??? Lesley Wrankmore, Colour Style Image, Fareham , Hampshire

style · 07 September 2018
Heads up for Autumn. Tune in to find out what's coming in and going out - and stay warm as we transition through to cooler weather.

25 August 2017
Ever wondered why some foundations leave us looking washed out and reaching for the bronzer, well as the summer holidays are drawing to a close, it's time to clear out our makeup bags and find out what is really working hard and what needs evicting!!

19 August 2016
We are constantly bombarded with information in the media about how dangerous it is to use too many chemicals on our skin and in our homes. Until very recently they have often been very difficult to avoid as replacement products simply haven't been up to scratch. Well Lesley has been checking out some of the alternatives for you and has some recommendations to make. Read the full article

19 August 2016
Our latest eNewsletter has just hit email boxes, so if you haven't received yours yet, then you are missing out! Ensure you never miss another copy, it takes 10 seconds to register - simply click on the link!!!

12 August 2016
Do you hate shopping for clothes or simply struggle to find clothes that really make you feel fabulous? Then why not come along to our open evening and find out how to shop your own wardrobe and start enjoying shopping again. Read on to discover more.

05 December 2015
What's hot and what's not this season? The new season is upon us. Have you had your first trip to the shops yet? If not, do treat yourself to a visit as the shops are full of the most gorgeous new collections to inspire you. We've done the leg work for you and here is our interpretation of some of the key trends for Winter 2015.

03 December 2015
Christmas is the party season, and we all want to find that perfect dress and look effortlessly glam. However, do we really need to spend out on a new dress? Actually NO! That's right! It's an interesting concept but actually refreshing your makeup is more likely to make an impact than purchasing a new LBD!

16 April 2015
Today sees the news full of reports that 40 is no longer middle aged! In-fact the new 'middle age' is now your 60's! So is this more marketing hype or is it true? Well I remember my mum being obsessed by hitting 40 - but this didn't really strike me as I turned 40. But why?

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