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31 August 2016
One of the biggest style dilemmas many of us will come across during the Summer will be dressing appropriately for work when the temperatures sore. With the mercury rising once again in the UK this week, many of you be wondering what is and isn’t appropriate for the office. READ MORE...

22 August 2016
....a suit? Good Question! We should all avoid wearing a suit day in day out. Yes there is an obvious reason ... but also a less obvious reason too! Fabrics need to rest!!!! Yes - thats right, even modern fabric need to rest. Traditionally it's recommended that a suit should rest for 3 weeks after its been worn - that is a luxury most of us can't afford, but certainly a different suit each day of the week is a step in the right direction. This enables our clothes to relax and the fabrics to be...
19 August 2016
We are constantly bombarded with information in the media about how dangerous it is to use too many chemicals on our skin and in our homes. Until very recently they have often been very difficult to avoid as replacement products simply haven't been up to scratch. Well Lesley has been checking out some of the alternatives for you and has some recommendations to make. Read the full article

19 August 2016
Our latest eNewsletter has just hit email boxes, so if you haven't received yours yet, then you are missing out! Ensure you never miss another copy, it takes 10 seconds to register - simply click on the link!!!

12 August 2016
Do you hate shopping for clothes or simply struggle to find clothes that really make you feel fabulous? Then why not come along to our open evening and find out how to shop your own wardrobe and start enjoying shopping again. Read on to discover more.

Colour Matters for Men - Personal Image & Corporate Executive Personal Branding Portsmouth, Southampton, Fareham, Hampshire
01 February 2016
If we look at nature, it is rarely the female that has the vibrant colours. In fact quite the opposite - it's the male that has the vibrant colours showing off just how fabulous they can be. So why is it that Navy & Grey may up on average 85% of Men's wardrobe contents? Read on to find out more.

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21 January 2016
Sometimes clients can be uncertain of just how much impact colour really does make to you, your wardrobe, your mood. This week I had the lovely pleasure of working with a client who said just that. Could I convince her?? Read the full article and her review to find out more.

06 January 2016
Wishing all our clients and friends a very Happy and colourful New Year 2016. Watch out for lots of events and Personal Image news coming very soon!