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16 April 2015
Today sees the news full of reports that 40 is no longer middle aged! In-fact the new 'middle age' is now your 60's! So is this more marketing hype or is it true? Well I remember my mum being obsessed by hitting 40 - but this didn't really strike me as I turned 40. But why?

19 March 2015
A recent survey found that 41% of our wardrobes are made up of black clothes – sound familiar? Each one of us on average, own 5 black tops, 3 black pairs of trousers, 2 black skirts, one LBD (little black dress) and 4 pairs of black shoes. No wonder the people we know and love rarely notice we’ve been out on a shopping splurge – marvellously, it really does all look the same to the untrained eye!

CMB-Solent Blog - styles for Spring 2015 - M&S
15 January 2015
Have you started checking out the Spring Summer Styles for 2015 yet? So far not much has hit the high street, with most major stores holding on to the sales for just a little bit longer! However online we are now seeing a steady trickle and this season is going to be interesting!!! Yes there is still a massive trend for boxy coats and jackets and the biker jacket is still around - but for how long? Perhaps another Spring and Autumn - so shop smartly. Necklines and hemlines for the fuller figure...

Good Morning Britain offer - available at CMB-Solent 15% Discount on Colour Consultations
12 January 2015
Today has seen the exciting launch of our 'New Year New You' Promotion on ITV's Good Morning Britain! As well as offering one lucky person the chance to win a Colour Me Beautiful Full Image Makeover on the Good Morning Britain website, Colour me Beautiful are offering 15% OFF a Colour Consultation - of course CMB-Solent are delighted to be part of this campaign too!!! This offer is for a limited time only. You must book by 6th February 2015 and the Colour Consultation must take place between...