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Winter Woolies

If like us you’re experiencing a real Winter chill in the air, you’ll be reaching for those cosy woolies to keep you snug and warm.

Woollen items are a staple of most of our Autumn/Winter wardrobes and can be quite an investment, so it’s important to ensure you care and store yours correctly. 

Washing Your Woolies…

This may sound obvious but before assuming your knitwear is suitable for a machine wash, check the label; some items will be hand wash only. 

If you do need to hand wash, ensure you turn the item inside out and use cool water with a gentle, hand wash detergent. Leaving them to soak for 5-10 minutes is ideal and try not to pull or rub the item as this can lead to it becoming misshapen. 

To dry we recommend re-shaping and then lying your wool item out on a clean towel before gently rolling it up in the towel to remove any excess moisture. Once done dry the item on a flat rack.

If your woolies can be put in the washing machine we would advise:

* Never washing above 30 degrees

* Use the ‘wool’, ‘gentle’ or ‘delicate’ cycle

* Put items in a washable laundry bag to ensure they don’t get stretched or misshapen

* NEVER put woolies in the tumble dryer (unless you want them to come out several sizes smaller!)

Storing Your Woolies…

Ensure moths don’t nibble at your prized cashmere by only putting away clean items; moths feed off sweat and stains. To help with this further wear a layer between your skin and your woollen item to ‘catch’ any perspiration. Moth deterrents can be purchased from places like Amazon and John Lewis and do a great job of keeping them at bay too.

Folding and storing items you’re not wearing flat is ideal as hanging them can cause them to become misshapen.

Keep Bobbles At Bay

Unfortunately, wooden items do have a tendency to bobble, but have no fear, there is a solution!

You can buy clever little de-bobbling machines online for around £10 or simply use some packing tape or even sellotape to get rid of any bobbly bits. The key is to stay on top of them before they get too big or too many, so give your woollen item the once-over each time to wear it.

So what's with Black Friday?? or black any day of the week???

So Black Friday is a true American import and is usually the Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend - I guess a little bit like our New Years Day Sales of old. Everyone hits the shops.... but now it's all about the special online offer for this or that!! And we've 'imported' it to little Ol' Blighty and it is rapidly becoming the biggest day for Christmas shopping. The stores compete between the online sales and the instore sales ... and the same store might have totally different offers online or in store - just to CONFUSE us!!!



Let's talk a bit about black.


Well black is great - but you know what, if it's not one of your colours then really you shouldn't wear it next to or on your face.... 


No Black eyeliner - was a cry I heard in my studio over the weekend .... and then again at a birthday party for teenagers too. But there are so many other options - my top seller is our MOSS eye pencil - it is sooooo beautiful for people with either a warm skin tone, or blue eyes! It is far more flattering than BLACK!!!


Remember with party season upon us too - you don't have to buy new for the Christmas party and you certainly don't have to wear black. Shop your own wardrobe first and maybe instead of spending £100 on a new dress, treat yourself to a perfect new Lippie? Our lipsticks have just all been re-formulated and are amazing - I even offer a FREEEEEE (yes FRREEEEEE) makeup assessment in my studio to make sure we get your perfect colour. 


A new Lippie at £14.50 is a LOT cheaper than a new dress - and believe it or not, getting the right lippie will allow you still to wear last years LDB and look totally different!!! Wo why not book in for an assessment - I still have a few spaces free.... did I tell you it was totally FREEEEE!?


There is more in this world than black..... so here's the deal, YES sorry there has to be a deal!!! So anyone booking a Colour Consultation or purchasing any makeup from me (excluding BLACK) on Friday, 24th of November will receive 15% discount - YEP only 15% discount!!!!!! 


Why only 15% discount..... well it's like this - I'm not a huge retailer, I don't have a million staff doing a great sales job for me .... there is just little old me!! (and I have 2 children to feed :) ) so it is 15% discount ..... but if you email me at and order a gift voucher I will also honour the 15% discount too - now I can't say fairer than that can I???


Gift vouchers are now available too and this year are very very beautiful.... so why not give a gift that lasts.... and send your nearest and dearest or a pal a colour analysis voucher from me for Christmas?


Drop me an email - I'd love to hear your thoughts! I hope you enjoyed todays rambling blog.... Let's Ditch BLACK Friday and make it a colourful one instead.


Shake Up Your Makeup

colour me beautiful Lesley Wrankmore cmb cmb@home

Wearing the right coloured clothes really does make an impact, however often we don't apply the same colour rules to our makeup. If black clothes drain you, then wearing black eyeliner or mascara will do exactly the same.


Well, its time to change our thought process!!!


It's time to book in for your FREE makeup assessment at CMB-Solent and #ShakeUpYourMakeup ready for the Autumn. 


Don't want to come on your own?? Well that fine too - My home studio is designed for groups - so we can easily arrange a group session, or I can always come to your house and you can have all your friends over! 


The choice is yours: 1 to 1 or a group of friends? But it's still FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

We rarely give a second thought to the makeup we wear, and wonder how when we've come home from holiday, we actually look tired? Well, it's often down to the colours we choose to wear. 


Have you ever wondered why some foundations leave us looking washed out and reaching for the bronzer? Well, as the summer holidays are drawing to a close, it's time to  clear out our makeup bags and find out what is really working hard and what needs evicting!! 


Yes, you can trudge of to the high street and have a gizmo put on your face which supposedly tells you what colours to wear - but actually it told me that I should wear warm beige foundation and coral lipstick - when I have a cool skin tone.


Why? Well, it's often down to store lighting - mainly yellow in the UK. So that immediately makes your skin tone look more yellow. 


BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION!!! I am now offering FREE makeup consultations in my studio in Titchfield - yes, it's totally free, and you'll be assessed in totally natural light - ensuring your makeup looks perfect for you!!


There's no catch, no minimum spend..... just give me a call and book in!!! You will learn which colours will really work for you!


Give me a call and Shake Up Your Makeup ready for Autumn??


Spring is here?

So the evenings are slightly lighter and the wind is not quite as bitter, so spring is definitely on the way. But what's new this spring?? Well we can't wait to say a big HELLO... 


Find out the latest news for Spring 2017 from CMB's London Conference.

Last weekend was the CMB Company Conference up in London. We get to preview all the trends for the next couple of seasons (more to follow on this subject) and meet up as a team to see whats happening at our HQ.

The big news for this spring from CMB HQ is that we will be seeing the long awaited return of some of our favourite lippy shades ever!!! 

Lipsticks at CMB-Solent, Colour Fareham, Lesley Wrankmore, Personal Stylist, Colour Analysis, Colour me Beautiful

We really have missed the likes of Sheer Breeze and Spiced Peach and I can't wait to get them back in the studio. 


CMB HQ are taking the fantastic decision to be 'MADE IN BRITAIN' again. All our new/old lipsticks will be made in good old Blighty once again - and have brand new packaging. 


Fingers crossed new stocks will be here in mid to late February, so you don't have long to wait to see the fabulous new colour range in fareham. 



If you'd like to pre-order your colours - so you are the first to receive them, then drop me an email and I'll get yours reserved. Prices will remain the same too so £14.50 - and for a limited time I will include free postage :). Don't forget you can pre-order via email or our products store


A little TLC

CMB-Solent Personal Stylist Hampshire, Stylist Blog - How to keep your clothes looking New, Personal shopper Hampshire

As Good as New

You’ve bought the clothes and you look fabulous, but how do you keep your clothes looking like new? A little TLC that’s how! Your clothes will last longer and make you look better!

Just like you, clothes need to rest – make sure to rotate your garments and shoes on a regular basis. Giving your clothes a breather will prevent odours from becoming absorbed and creases from taking shape - this is especially true for suits and outer coats.

Dust can prematurely deteriorate your garments, so get that clothes brush out from the back of your drawer and give your garments a quick once over. Natural bristle brushes are best, especially for more delicate items. Don't scrub at the fabric, just a gentle brushing action is best.

If you have to wear a suit to work, remember to unbutton the jacket before you sit down otherwise you will be pulling on it. With trousers, remember to pull them up slightly when sitting down as it will prevent the fabric from stretching. This won’t only preserve the life of your clothes, but will also make you feel more comfortable!

Try not to stuff your pockets with keys, change or any other items; they’ll put strain on the seams and ruin the shape of your clothes.

Wash with Care

The best way to keep your clothes colours from fading is to turn them hem inside out before washing and to keep the water temperature as low as possible.

If you are washing any type of clothing with a zipper, make sure that it is zipped up before it’s tossed in the washing machine. Unzipped zippers can cause damage to other pieces (especially more delicate ones) in the same batch - and again, remember to turn them inside out.

And finally, don’t ever put delicate articles in the washing machine, it will only cause the materials to get damaged and lose shape. Hand wash labels are there for a reason!


Office Chic in the heat!!

One of the biggest style dilemmas many of us will come across during the Summer will be dressing appropriately for work when the temperatures sore.

With the mercury rising once again in the UK this week, many of you be wondering what is and isn’t appropriate for the office. READ MORE...

With more and more workplaces adopting a smart/casual dress code it is important to dress for the weather whilst still looking professional.


Here are some of our top tips to help you navigate this style dilemma!


DO choose your fabrics wisely

Natural fabrics like cotton, will be more lightweight and crease less after a long day sitting down; meaning you’ll look more put together and well presented, even after a hard day of meetings and calls. If you are in a smart/casual environment you could opt for a shirt dress or linen trousers, which tend have a more relaxed cut and therefore are cooler to wear. Ensure that the material you choose isn’t too lightweight, as this can look too casual and reveal more than you may have intended.


DON’T show too much

It may be hot, but this doesn’t mean your hemline can be high. A skirt is a great choice for keeping cool in the heat and midi-length skirts are fabulously flattering on many body shapes (just be sure yours cuts at a flattering point on the leg). You’ll be able to move around with ease and look professional at the same time. If midi isn’t your thing just be sure not to go any higher than just above the knee.

There is a huge trend for off-the-shoulder tops and dresses at the moment, but keep this look for the weekend – it exposes too much flesh, even for a casual workplace. Similarly, leave your backless, asymmetric, spaghetti straps and batwings tops at home. Sleeveless is fine, but cover up by wearing trousers on your bottom half to balance the exposure of your arms (and keep a cardigan or jacket to hand for meetings).


DO dress up

A dress is a great option during the Summer. Choose a cut that is flattering for your body shape and it will help to keep you cool and comfortable on hot, sticky days. Opt for one of the lighter, brighter shades from your colour palette if you can, ensuring you balance the tone of shades you’re wearing, depending on your dominant colour category.


DON’T forget footwear

Leave your flip-flops and gladiator sandals at home! Thanks to Chanel, classic, ladylike sling-backs are making something of a comeback at the moment and these are an elegant option for the office during the Summer. Open toed shoes are fine in most workplaces now, but make sure your toes are immaculate if you decide to go down this route (a great excuse to book in for that pedicure!)


DO layer

Most offices now have air-conditioning, meaning you may be going from sweltering heat to icy conditions at the touch of an elevator button. If this is the case you will need to cleverly layer your look to keep you warm. The danger here can be that you end up looking too casual (if you choose a loose-fitting cardigan for example). Invest in a lightweight jacket that is cut to suit your figure and, if needed, a lightweight scarf in your best colours. This will keep you warm but still looking smart and both are easy to remove once you leave the office to embrace the glorious sunshine!


If you're still stuck, then why not get in touch and arrange a Wardrobe Edit with me - we'll work through your existing wardrobe, editing where necessary then hit the shops to fill any gaps!! This is a bespoke service, so we start with a lifestyle chat to set the goals first!



How often should I wear...?

....a suit?


Good Question! We should all avoid wearing a suit day in day out. Yes there is an obvious reason ... but also a less obvious reason too! Fabrics need to rest!!!! Yes - thats right, even modern fabric need to rest. 


Traditionally it's recommended that a suit should rest for 3 weeks after its been worn - that is a luxury most of us can't afford, but certainly a different suit each day of the week is a step in the right direction.


This enables our clothes to relax and the fabrics to be more durable and last longer!


What's all the fuss about?

We are constantly bombarded with information in the media about how dangerous it is to use too many chemicals on our skin and in our homes.


Until very recently they have often been very difficult to avoid as replacement products simply haven't been up to scratch.


Well Lesley has been checking out some of the alternatives for you and has some recommendations to make. Read the full article

My first recommendation has to be these little bundles of fabulousness! The Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth


Dry skin can trick you into thinking you need to cleanse more frequently or deeper, but that actually makes matters worse.


Harsh cleansers and soap strip oil and moisture from skin, which results in more oil production.




Because the skin naturally tries to correct any imbalance.


If skin feels dry it will try to balance things out by producing more oil, continuing the vicious cycle. The Norwex Makeup Removal


These cloths are gentle on skin, yet tough on dirt, and they are perfect for sensitive skin!


They are also great for exfoliation, acne and blackheads, and they are great for removing excess oils from skin, without stripping it of necessary ones. (Just don't tell the boys in your house they were initially designed to remove makeup!) 


Want to get yours? Then of course we are now stocking them here in the studio - they come in packs of 3 for £14.99 - and of course they are guaranteed by Norwex for 2 years!!!


If you'd like to try them out, give me a call on 07894444614 or drop me an email.


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August Open Evening

Do you hate shopping for clothes or simply struggle to find clothes that really make you feel fabulous? 


Then why not come along to our open evening and find out how to shop your own wardrobe and start enjoying shopping again.


Read on to discover more.

This is a really informal event - designed to allow you to ask the questions you have rather than me presenting. We'll talk about colour, style and makeup too. 

This event is totally free - but places are limited, so please do get in touch via the event page  or email


Colour Matters for Men

Colour Matters for Men - Personal Image & Corporate Executive Personal Branding Portsmouth, Southampton, Fareham, Hampshire

If we look at nature, it is rarely the female that has the vibrant colours. In fact quite the opposite - it's the male that has the vibrant colours showing off just how fabulous they can be. 


So why is it that Navy & Grey may up on average 85% of Men's wardrobe contents?


Read on to find out more.


Can Colour really make a difference?

Colour Analysis, personal stylist, Personal Style, Image Consultant, Personal Image, Personal Branding, Lesley Wrankmore, Southampton, Portsmouth, Fareham, Winchester, days out, Personal Shopping, Personal Shopping,
After Colour Analysis

Sometimes clients can be uncertain of just how much impact colour really does make to you, your wardrobe, your mood. 


This week I had the lovely pleasure of working with a client who said just that. 


Could I convince her?? Read the full article and her review to find out more.

Colour Analysis first appeared on the scenes in the 1980's and to be honest for many people it has still got the 'tarnish' of the 1980's thing! 


Often clients remember their mum's or grans having 'their colours done' and some remember the walllets too. It's a bit of a 1980's cliche.


However times have changed and perceptions are gradually changing too! I'm sure you're the same as me - you want to get the most value out of the clothes you have - without having to go out on expensive shopping sprees every time you want to wear something nice! 


Having a colour analysis done can really do this - you can go shopping in your own wardrobe!!


This weeks client had done lots of research, she's in her 20's and wants to understand more about what works for her and why before sorting her wardrobe and waaaaaayyyyy before she buys anything new.

Colour Analysis, personal stylist, Personal Style, Image Consultant, Personal Image, Personal Branding, Lesley Wrankmore, Southampton, Portsmouth, Fareham, Winchester, days out, Personal Shopping, Personal Shopping,
Before Colour Analysis

We started at the beginning - no makeup to test which 'Dominant' palette of colours would work. 


Here is a little look at her before photo.


White looks really stark against her makeup free skin - and actually all you can see in this picture is the white drape. 


White just puts everything out of balance and is a really tricky colour to wear.  We established that Softer colours would work better and this is where a world of colour was unveiled!

Colour Analysis, personal stylist, Personal Style, Image Consultant, Personal Image, Personal Branding, Lesley Wrankmore, Southampton, Portsmouth, Fareham, Winchester, days out, Personal Shopping, Personal Shopping,
During Colour Analysis

Next we tested the tone of colours that could be worn. We took a look at how her hair colour, eye colour and skin tone worked with the warmer colour and then the cooler colours.


This picture shows how the cooler colours totally wiped out her lovely olivey skin tones - and we became aware of highlights and redness in her skin. 


Here we established that the Soft, Warm & Deep colours were where she would naturally fit. 

Colour Analysis, personal stylist, Personal Style, Image Consultant, Personal Image, Personal Branding, Lesley Wrankmore, Southampton, Portsmouth, Fareham, Winchester, days out, Personal Shopping, Personal Shopping,
Fabulous Colours & Natural Makeup

Finally we added a perfectly coloured, natural day makeup - this finishes off your look, making your skin glow and your eyes shine brighter than they ever have done. 


'I look far more awake' & 'I really wish I'd had this done years ago'


Who doesn't want to look more refreshed, healthy, glowing skin.... and 42 colours in a wallet to choose from when your out shopping!!


It really is that easy!! Colours really can transform how you feel and how you look. 

"This is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time! I have come away with a new confidence in choosing clothes and makeup, this is something that everyone should know!"

Yes - having your 'colours done' is a 1980's cliche - however it will still transform how you look at your wardrobe and clothes forever and save you a fortune - ensuring the clothes you buy from TODAY really are perfect for you.


To find out how to start your journey to loving your wardrobe - call Lesley on 0789 44 44 614.


Happy New Year - 2016!

Wishing all our clients and friends a very Happy and colourful New Year 2016.


Watch out for lots of events and Personal Image news coming very soon!