Shake Up Your Makeup

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Wearing the right coloured clothes really does make an impact, however often we don't apply the same colour rules to our makeup. If black clothes drain you, then wearing black eyeliner or mascara will do exactly the same.


Well, its time to change our thought process!!!


It's time to book in for your FREE makeup assessment at CMB-Solent and #ShakeUpYourMakeup ready for the Autumn. 


Don't want to come on your own?? Well that fine too - My home studio is designed for groups - so we can easily arrange a group session, or I can always come to your house and you can have all your friends over! 


The choice is yours: 1 to 1 or a group of friends? But it's still FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

We rarely give a second thought to the makeup we wear, and wonder how when we've come home from holiday, we actually look tired? Well, it's often down to the colours we choose to wear. 


Have you ever wondered why some foundations leave us looking washed out and reaching for the bronzer? Well, as the summer holidays are drawing to a close, it's time to  clear out our makeup bags and find out what is really working hard and what needs evicting!! 


Yes, you can trudge of to the high street and have a gizmo put on your face which supposedly tells you what colours to wear - but actually it told me that I should wear warm beige foundation and coral lipstick - when I have a cool skin tone.


Why? Well, it's often down to store lighting - mainly yellow in the UK. So that immediately makes your skin tone look more yellow. 


BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION!!! I am now offering FREE makeup consultations in my studio in Titchfield - yes, it's totally free, and you'll be assessed in totally natural light - ensuring your makeup looks perfect for you!!


There's no catch, no minimum spend..... just give me a call and book in!!! You will learn which colours will really work for you!


Give me a call and Shake Up Your Makeup ready for Autumn??

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