Mesmerising Metallics!!

Make-up is getting the metal treatment in silver, gold, bronze and various colours and effects.
You don't have to go for the full metallic look, you can apply it just to the outer corners of your lid or as a highlighter.
If you have lines on your eyelids, or around the eyes, beware of sparkly eyeshadow. Use Colour Me Beautiful Gold Whisper (warm) or Silver Touch (cool) blended carefully with other shades for a gorgeous eye make-up.

The same goes for shimmering lips, you can go low shine or high brilliance. Select a favourite lip colour and then add a sparkling lip gloss or simply the Colour me Beautiful Clear Gloss to add extra shine.

However you decide to use metallics this season, make sure you have fun!!! If you'd like a new Make-up look, then why not book in for a Make-up lesson or prescription - we'll help you with the right colours for YOU and you'll leave looking fresh, younger and simply amazing!!!

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