Is Green the new Black this season?

GREEN might well be all we need after all the summer excitement of Golden Jubilee and Olympics. Indeed, GREEN is the colour of grass and leaves and conveys a sense of calm and reassurance.

When wearing GREEN, whether Mint or Olive, or anything in between, you show creativity and imagination. It was once thought to be unlucky, but in the world of fashion GREEN brings some newness to your wardrobe. With all its various shades, GREEN may be used for virtually any garment from a winter coat to a fun mock-croc handbag.

To wear GREEN successfully, you will need to understand the undertone (yellow or blue-based) and to know how this fits with your own colouring.


To find out more about which Green is YOUR green, then why not book a Colour Consultation here at CMB-Solent. To book your appointment, please call Lesley on 0789 44 44 614


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    LJ (Monday, 20 August 2012 16:39)

    Wow, looking forward to personal shopping with you this autumn, I love green!